1. Tell me about leather:

Leather is a material created through the tanning of hides and skins of animals. The tanning process converts the skin into a durable, long-lasting and versatile natural material for various uses. SEE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leather

  1. What about leather hide imperfections

Various scratches, scars, bites etc. to the raw animal skin sometimes translate into markings on the leather hide.  These are characteristic of natural leather and should be regarded as the “character” of the leather.

  1. How is the leather washable?

Our tannery uses a proprietary tanning process which makes our leathers hand washable.  When worn in the water, they maintain their shape and durability.  When dried, they are soft and supple.

  1. Where are LeatherBikini suits made?

All items in our designer line are crafted by highly skilled seamstresses in the USA and distributed through our Distribution Center near Charlotte, NC.

  1. How is the color match so perfect?

To insure that both the Top and Bottom of each of our bikinis is an EXACT color match, each suit is custom produced for each order and cut from the exact same hide of leather.

  1. Does the leather dry stiff and hard?

NO.  If you follow our Care of Washable Leather instructions, your bikini will be soft and supple when dry.

  1. Can I wear my LeatherBikini suit in the pool?

YES. Our entire designer line can be worn in the pool.  Chlorine, which is commonly used to sanitize pools, is a bleaching agent and as such may bleach the leather color if it is not rinsed out immediately upon completion of wear.

  1. Can I wear my LeatherBikini suit in the hot tub?

YES, but we definitely do NOT recommend this.  Hot tubs are usually 100°.  This extreme heat may leach the oils out of the leather, leaving it dry and stiff.

  1. Can I wear my LeatherBikini suit in the ocean?

YES, but we have found that each geographic area of ocean water is unique in its chemical composition.  Some ocean water my cause “bleeding”  - the dye to run.  If you chose to wear your suit in the ocean, we definitely recommend that your rinse it immediately with clear, cold water to remove and of the salts.

10.    How do I wash my LeatherBikini suit?

We recommend that you fill your basin with tepid water and add a scant capful of Oil Soap to the water.  Immerse your suit in the water.  Sometimes the leather wants to float on top of the water, so, it may be necessary to hold the suit down underwater so that it will absorb the water.  You will notice a deepening of the leather’s color as water is absorbed into the pores.  Let the suit stand in the soapy water for 10-15 minutes.  Drain the water and rinse the suit with cool fresh water until the water runs clear – indicating that all the soap has been removed.  Avoid ringing it out.

11.  How do I dry my LeatherBikini suit?

Dry the suit by laying it flat on an absorbent cotton towel.  Never use heat to dry. 

  1. Where do I buy “Oil Soap”?

Oil Soap is commonly found in the laundry soap aisle of your supermarket.  Never use detergent as it will remove the oils naturally found in leather and makes it dry and stiff.

  1. Does the leather stretch?

     NO, our leathers do not stretch.

  1. What about chlorine?

Chlorine, which is commonly used to sanitize pools, is a bleaching agent and as such may bleach out the leather color if it is not rinsed out immediately upon completion of wear.

  1. How about suntan lotion?

Suntan lotion or any type of lotion or moisturizer has an oil base and will make the leather color darker wherever it comes into contact with the leather.  If you get oil spotting on your suit, we recommend that you liberally sprinkle the spot with white talcum powder, which will absorb the oil.  Let the powder stand before removing by blowing it away.

  1. How do I care for my LeatherBikini suit when I’m not wearing it?

You may use clean white paper.  When storing, make sure ALWAYS that your suit is dry.  DO NOT store in an air-tight or plastic bag or container as suit may mold.  Dampness may cause the leather to mold or stain.

  1. Are LeatherBikini suits lined?

NO.  Each hide is hand-selected for it beauty, color, grain and velvety, sueded back side.  This back side is beautiful and feels good against your skin.

  1. How do I determine my correct size?

Use our Women’s and Men’s Size charts or call our friendly Customer Service personnel to assist you in making your size choice.  704-325-0809.

  1. What are my shipping options?

We provide FREE 1st Class US Mail shipping on ALL USA orders.  International orders are shipped via US Registered International Air Mail.  You can choose US Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery)…or…US EXPRESS GUARANTEED Mail (1-2 days guaranteed) for an additional charge.  These options are available for your selection upon checkout.

  1. Do you offer RUSH ordering?

YES.  Please call us to discuss and confirm.

  1. How soon will my order ship?

EACH OF OUR BIKINIS IS CRAFTED ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!!!  Each is hand-finished and cut from the same hide of leather to assure a perfect match in color.  As orders are received, they are entered into our production schedule. Depending upon the number of orders, your order normally will ship within one week.  We will send you an email with delivery details alerting you that your order has shipped. 

  1. Can I place my order by phone?

YES.  Our skilled customer service personnel 704-325-0809 will gladly take your order as well as assist you with questions you may have.

  1. Can I place a custom order?

Please call our Customer Service 704-325-0809 to discuss.

  1. What sizes can I order?

We offer Small, Medium, and Large sizes.  Please call Customer Service 704-325-0809 for X-Large in both Women’s and Men’s sizes.

  1. Can I mix and match?

YES.  You can choose any of our Bikini Tops or Clubwear Tops to match with any of our Bikini Bottoms.  Any item can be ordered as separates. 

  1. Can I order other matching Tops or Bottoms at a later date? 

YES.  We can accommodate your color matching request.  Please call our Customer Service704-325-0809 to discuss.

  1. What if my suit doesn’t fit?

Our suits “Fit Like A Glove”, so we want to insure that you have a perfect fit. 

So, we will honor requests for SIZE EXCHANGES ONLY .... and


(1) Items must be in original condition, NOT WORN with tags intact

(2) Your request for exchange must be made within 10 days of receipt of your shipment. 

We do NOT issue refunds, but, we will issue you a store credit which you may use for any item(s) in our store, subject to the following fees: 

      FOR ALSIZE EXCHANGES:  We will charge your credit card the following fees:

(1)    25% (USD) re-stocking fee for each item exchanged

(2)    $ 12 (USD) return shipping via US First Class Mail

  1. How long are store credits valid?

Store credits do not have an expiration date.  You can use them at any time for any item on our online store.

  1. Can I return my order for a refund?

NO.  Return of swimwear is prohibited by law.  We do NOT issue refunds!!! All sales are FINAL and cannot be returned for a refund, but, we will issue you a store credit which you may use for any item(s) in our store.  You must contact us before returning any item for exchange.  We will provide address for shipment.

  1. Where can I buy in a LeatherBikini in a store?

Our LeatherBikini designer line is available for purchase only through our online store.

  1. Which celebrities own LeatherBikini fashions?

Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Janice Dickenson, Gwen Stefani, Kate Hudson.  Read our Press Releases in the Media section of our site.

  1. How can I alert my boyfriend that I want a LeatherBikini?

Use our “Refer-a-Friend” function on our website.  He can send you one of our e-Gift Cards to buy whatever you want from our online store.