Care Instructions

Treat your Leather Bikini as a “fine” hand-washable garment.  Although it can be worn in the water, it is especially effective if worn specifically to “knock their sox off”!!!

To properly care for your LeatherBikini washable leather fashion:

  • Put a capful of Oil Soap in a tepid basin of water, let it soak for 15 min to half hour. 
  • NEVER use detergent, as it will remove all the oils from the leather.
  • Rinse until water runs clear and all perspiration and salts have been removed.
  • DO NOT wring out during washing, rinsing or before drying.
  • After rinsing, lay flat on an absorbent towel until dry.
  • NEVER use HEAT.
  • If bikini is worn in chlorinated pool or ocean water, it is imperative to rinse immediately to remove salts and chlorine that can bleach color.  Ocean water and some pool chemicals may cause some colors to run or bleed.


We carefully select our hides for their supple, natural beauty.  The back sides are velvety and feel wonderful against your skin.  Our designer line is made from natural leather, and as such, during the tanning process some slight scarring or other marks may be present.  These elements are not imperfections, but natural characteristics of “real” leather.

Our bikinis are designed for novelty wear. While you can swim in them and get them wet, they should be treated and worn as novelty wear…..for “looks” only.  During the tanning process, various color dyes are used to give the leather its vibrant color.  

Occasionally, the salts found in perspiration of some individuals or in pools and ocean water may cause the dye to bleed or rub off. These dyes are non-toxic and will wash off.  Pre-washing may prove helpful.  Leather shall not be liable for damages of any kind, including incidental or consequential damages.  Swimming or lounging in hot tubs, spas, chlorinated pools or ocean water in our bikinis is done at your own risk.